Quiet, but not idle!

July 22nd, 2010

Life got in the way of posting, so let’s catch up on the projects I’ve finished in 2009 and early 2010!

Let’s start with a collage of finished projects:

Finished Projects 2009

From left to right: The Angora and recycled denim hoodie that I carded and spun. The cotton cardigan I made for Brian. (I will photograph it on him as soon as I sew the buttons on…which will happen as soon as I find where I put them). The shawl I knit for myself from the most gorgeous hand dyed I picked up at an alpaca show. There were 12 different kinds of yarn. I love this shawl a lot!

12 Different Yarns, hand dyed

Here’s a few more projects I finished in 2009.

Kate's Mobius Hat

Kate needed a tinfoil hat to get rid of the alien thoughts! So I knit her one with math involved! The band is a mobius strip!

Scarf for my daughter Jennifer

Closeup of Jen's scarf

Scarf I made for my beloved Badger

My buddy Allison took me to a great little yarn shop in Davison. She saw some yarn she really liked and I wanted to learn how to make socks! A match was born.

Socks for Allison!

I created a nice ribbed pattern with a raised stitch.

To my delight, they fit her perfectly!!

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