Monday creeps in so quick and stealth-like

October 16th, 2006

My original goal with my project blog was to update once a week on Sundays.  Yesterday afternoon I wasn’t feeling like I had much to say, sale so I skipped it and Monday has me feeling a tad guilty for not putting in the effort, so I’m fixing it now.

Originally, I didn’t think I had accomplished much since my last post, but after looking at what I have done, I do feel I got a lot done.  I finished the knitting of the second elbow length glove, I just need to sew the pattern on to finish.  I also made one glove for Brian.  He liked the idea, the yarn, and the pattern, but he wanted something just wrist length, fuller thumb cover, and only the skull part of the pattern.  I made the right glove on Saturday and he loved it.  It also showed me that I have a full grasp of pattern making that I could take two elements from different patterns and make them work together, along with making it work on a different stitch guage than what the original pattern called for.

Brian is wonderfully encouraging about me creating my own concepts instead of following recipes and patterns.  The more I relax and let myself create, the less I feel the need to rely on someone else’s instructions.  I realize that I knit the same way I cook.  I tend to use patterns to give me the basics and then modify it to be the way I see it in my head.  This makes me feel much more creative.

There is something really wonderful about getting the designs/tastes/colors that are in my head out into something tangible.

Next week I will have more pictures of my current finished glove projects.  I did want to put a picture of the blankets I made for both my grandson and my friend’s son.  I hadn’t crocheted anything significant in a long time and while I was recovering from my broken wrist reconstruction, this became my favorite form of therapy.  Both the little guys were geeked about thier new afgans.  The pattern came from the Crochet Me website.

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